Thursday, October 11, 2007

You Mean Turkey Could End the War? Really?

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Dems have been struggling to find a way to get us out of Iraq, and have been stymied as most of the solutions include cutting off the funding which might adversely impact those being shot at.

I do believe another opportunity has arisen. Let's let Turkey do it.


Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday that good relations with Turkey are vital because 70 percent of the air cargo intended for U.S. forces in Iraq and 30 percent of the fuel consumed by those forces fly through Turkey.
So Turkey by having a juvenile tantrum (don't you love how mature politics is?) over history correctly calling the slaughter of one million Armenians: Genocide, may just make it impossible for the U.S. Administration to continue this refereeing of a Iraqi civil war - one which the participants hate the referee. How's that for a back door solution? It probably will never work but one can always hope.

Ironically I must admit that the first time that I hear about this genocide beyond a textbook was in The Amazing Race when Mirna mentioned it after seeing the Holocast Memorial at Auschwitz.

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