Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Hair Dye Debate

Ok, I should call it my hair dye debate. This is a self indulgent topic but what's a blog if not self indulgent? True to form in my family (well not my father) my hair is somewhat prematurely greying. I swore I would never dye it as honestly I like how it's growing in in this interesting salt and pepper way that I've admired in other women and is an effect that some women pay a lot of money for.

But there's something I didn't count on and I have very mixed feelings about it. The grey makes me look a little older than I am (I'm mid forties), and it's been interesting to how people respond to it. Because I'm very active I seem to become this odd icon to some folks. (Wow look what she can do.) And people who are older than me make comments about how aging is just no fun. That's true and I'm happy that they feel comfortable making such comments (this does not count friends - friends are welcome to say whatever they like - this is just people I encounter in passing.), but I feel like an impostor of sorts.

The reason that I feel like an imposter is that I'm likely not as old as they are, and since my MS symptoms are in remission, I feel the best I've felt in years.

So hence the hair dye debate. I'm just wondering it it's the color that they're responding to. I bought a color rinse some months back and it's just sat on the shelf. I did at least read the directions and it looked just enough of a hassle that I haven't done anything about it.

However I've noticed something else. Up until recently I was very heat sensitive, and have built up quite the collection of white shirts. I was noticing the other day that the white shirts often "bring out" the grey in my hair and if I instead wear a red shirt that more tends to pick up the red in my face and the red highlights in my hair, and it seems to have a much larger effect than hair color. I wonder if I wore a color that is near the color of the brown in my hair though I generally don't look good in brown.

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