Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Physical Improvements can Happen Overnight - sort of

Today I noticed that I was able to get into a lunge position and bend my knee comfortably to the ground (or just above). This wasn't the case yesterday or any day in weeks/months past. I think it was working on strength building via Body Pump weight training and indoor/outdoor cycling. So a physical change did happen for me overnight, but it was after some weeks of working on leg strength.

That said, it wasn't months as I've only been doing Body Pump for less than a couple of months, so with consistent, measured effort you can see positive changes in your strength relatively quickly.

Having my legs be stronger is going to make skiing a lot more fun this season.

I have a Body Pump class tonight. I'm going to try to increase the weight for my triceps up to 5 lb weights on the bar (one on each end) but I'll load a second barbell with 2.5 and 1.25s as a backup. Biceps I'll leave at 5. Squats I've been doing 5+1.25 and I may do 5+2.5 but I'm not sure. Back I think I'll leave at 5 as that's a recent increase. Warm up I'll use 2.5 +1.25.

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