Thursday, April 19, 2007

I need another book and my audible membership is allowing me to get another now. Wonder what to get? A classic or something more modern? They're also having a half price sale on unabridged books so I could pick up a second one. I need something to workout with so maybe I should look to see if there's a new Sue Grafton book.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More on Memory Keeper's Daughter
OK now I'm really peeved at Nora and I have to remember she's a fictional character who seems to lack depth even though she's come a long way.

Spoilers follow.
After David's death, Nora has finally learned that he kept secret the fact that their daughter survived, but has Down's Syndrome, and maintained the unfathomable lifelong lie that she had died in birth. Now that's pretty unforgivable and Nora has a right to be very angry, but her way of coping with it by burning his photographs is also pretty egregious. David is a well known photographer and curators are very interested in his photographs. Nora is destroying art which is just as bad as book burning. In my eyes, she does not have the right (regardless of property laws - and hell she's divorced from him so they're not even hers in the eyes of the law) to destroy art.

I swear I don't know who is more pathetic, David or Nora. Together they were a disaster. Apart there was some improvement. Nora got more confident and David was very philanthropic. Even so I don't think I'll be inviting either of them to dinner.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My book club is reading the Memory Keeper's Daughter and I am rather underwhelmed and frustrated. I'm not happy with several of the adult characters (save for Carolyn) and their choices (or lack of them). If the secret keeping isn't driving me crazy it's the overly-earnest tone of people rationalizing passiveness and not communicating. If I'm not angry at it I'm slightly depressed about it. I have about 1 hour left and I can't wait for it to be over so I can read something a little more cheerful (ok so the main character is doing well) though the truth is finally reaching one of the characters and is having some effect (I think). Though if I were in that character's position I'd be royally pissed off.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I need to make up a workout schedule that includes both strength and aerobic.
3 days aerobic (perhaps one not in the gym) and 2 days strength.

The strength workouts could be done at lunchtime.

MWF - aerobic
or MWS when Trek's Friday class starts
TTh - strength

Trek or Yoshi can be walked afterward
Yoshi has class on Wed
Trek will have class on Fri

Yoshi needs time to occasionally watch dogs (like at Agility Trials or the dogpark).
Trek needs to get out on a trail of sorts or go to a dogpark (weekend?)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Apr 9
Strength workout - focus on legs.
[Will put detail here]

Apr 8
Went to Paul and Mary's for an Easter dinner.

Apr 7
Went alpine skiing for the last time this season. Snow's getting pretty slushy but I did improve. Best moment was sitting on a chairlift and seeing another intermediate skiier skiing while deliberately practicing pole plants - a la - plant the pole and turn. i resolved to work on this the rest of the day and it helps immensely with completing a turn.

Also practiced skating down the mountain and that's very helpful too. I'm going to try to spend part of the summer skating with trekking poles in hopes that will help my skiing and keep my legs strong

I'm also hoping to be able to buy some Telemark boots and backcountry ski this spring at relatively lower elevations.

And I'm going to join the WOMBATS (Womens Mountain Biking and Tea Society - Jacquie Phelan's group). And hopefully buy another mountain bike and even more hopefully spend time on the recumbent.

The snow condition on Shasta is going to be not great at all for climbing come end of May(high winds up higher keep blowing the snow away) so we're likely going to turn it into a ski trip centered around Horse Camp as the snow levels around Bunny Flat and the Cabin are pretty good. Right now it's about 4-6' at Bunny Flat and goes up from there. Seems likely they'll be snow around the Cabin when we go.