Monday, October 08, 2007

Re: Senator Larry Craig - Maybe We Should Take the High Road

First of all, Wombats wanting to check my blog entry on the 20th anniversary Wombats ride should page down to "Baby's First Wombats Ride."

So I've been thinking (sorry) While I and most queer-friendly folks have been enjoying watching Senator Larry Craig slowly roast himself over a pit of open homophobic hypocrisy, it doesn't quite feel right to let him be burned by a practice he would no doubt support if it wasn't him. I'm of course talking about entrapment. (I should put a reference in here but I'm too lazy to do so right now.)

Sen. Larry Craig entered a Minn. Airport restroom and started giving old school middle age closeted gay male pick up signals to a plain clothes cop. All Senator Craig did was make eye contact, tap his feet, and wiggle his fingers. What I'm unhappy about is the cop returned the signals, and then arrested Sen. Craig when he escalated the signaling. To me that's obvious entrapment as Sen Craig would not have escalated the signals if the cop had not signaled interest.

Sen Craig was arrested for Lewd Conduct. For wiggling fingers? Please. Yes, he's a creepy and hypocritical lowlife, but he did nothing wrong. Wouldn't it be ironic if we started to support him, instead of standing by watching GOP eat itself (it's doing that anyway). Besides if a bunch of Lefties stood up for him, wouldn't that not only completely gall him, but it might just kill any reelection chances he has (never mind he has no reelection chances).

For no other reason, let's take the high road as the most hateful thing about Sen. Craig is his hypocrisy and we don't want to fall into the same stinking cesspool.

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