Friday, October 12, 2007

Draft Gore?

[I'm waiting for my truck's oil to be changed and they made the mistake of allowing me a computer with internet access.]

There's a growing campaign to pressure Al Gore into running for President and with his winning the Nobel Peace Prize (wow!) that pressure is likely to increase dramatically. I'm likely to concur, but honestly he's been doing an excellent job without the (er) distraction of being president.

If we can get him to be an advisory to who ever the president becomes (I'm hoping Clinton or Obama), that might work, but I hear rumors that Clinton and Gore just don't get along well (update from KCBS: they said they've put it behind them), but I think that's something they're just going to have to work through. We need Gore and his perspective in the next Democratic administration.

By the way if you've never seen An Inconvenient Truth I highly recommend it. It's a science lecture, not a policital speech. His scientific data is solid.

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