Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Disingenuous GOP

While I was at the auto mechanics, I watched CNN. I don't have cable at home so tend to get glued to cable TV when I'm out and about - I have cable internet and basic cable, and for a month they gave me "expanded" cable which included CNN, Animal Planet, The History Channel, Discovery Channel, and a bunch of other things. After a month, I begged then to take it away so I could leave the house and resume life. I decided to refrain from the slippery slip of getting TiVo as well so I could pretend to have a life. Anyway back to CNN...

Sure enough after announcing that Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize, they asked a conservative spokesperson (I don't have a ref - sorry) for a reaction and she gave the usual "We don't think [global warming] has been proven" the commentator said that most, if not all, scientists were in agreement that it exists. Then it became this "Well we don't think it's been proven that it's human caused" and the usual backpedaling a la: don't cross this line, ok don't cross this line.

This is all stuff we've seen before but only what I'm now noticing is that there is this tendancy of GOP to ask a bunch of questions (justified or not), wait a little bit and then innocently say something along the lines of: "Look there are still questions about X, so we don't think X is proven" That's disingenuous, a word whose full meaning I'm just really learning and they're helping me learn it all the better. Well sure there are questions, if you're the one making up the questions. Why not just come out and say? "We don't want to hear this so we're just going to make something up to discredit the messenger." They seem so uninterested in what the actual truth might be. they have their opinion and they're going to jam the data to fit their opinion. Everyone is guilty of doing this at some point in time. They just seem to excel at it.

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