Friday, October 12, 2007

Health Care

I know it's not very workable with our current goverment and economy, but I really think that we get into a lot of conflict of interests by having health care as a for profit business. I'm not talking about doctors and nurses and every one else who participates in the service of actually giving the care, but more the insurance companies and those other middle companies.

It's in the insurance company's best intest for the care provider to give the least costly amount of care, which is not necessarily in the patient's best interest at all. So we find ourselves in this constant tussle.

Shouldn't the higher responsibility be to take care of the population rather than allowing certain companies to make money off of it by standing in the middle?

It will be interesting to see what Ahnold comes up with as a compromise measure by requiring the insurance companies to put X% of their profits (or gross? - not sure yet) back towards patient care.

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