Friday, October 12, 2007

RPM Indoor Cycling - new choreography

I had earlier noted that the Les Mills RPM Indoor Cycling fitness class routine was great for interval training but not so good at training for seated climbing. I take it back now.

Every 3 months they change the music and the "choreography" and what they're working on, and it changed at the beginning of Oct. I'd been laying off of class because of my foot, but now that a agility friend who's a podiatrist told me that it was likely a Ganglion Cyst I'm not so concerned about it (though I will have it aspirated), so I've started back on class.

This is the second time I've done this routine in RPM and the first time I was pushing. Wow. There were two songs that focused on mostly seated climbing with the occasional stand in the pedals. While the class is not nearly long enough to truly train for extended seated climbing, it's great at letting you know which muscles you will be using (and is a great start in conditioning them.)

Bryce was subbing for Amelia tonight and I asked her if she was going to be also teaching her regularly scheduled BodyPump weightlifting class and she said yes and asked if I was coming. I said that I was hesitant to do so after an RPM class and she said it was hard, but implied it was doable. I asked if it was ok if I did half of it and she said that was fine.

So I did and surprised myself by lasting through all of the lifting part (about 2/3 of the class) and left at the stretching portion. BodyPump is an easier class for me since I was deliberately using a lighter weight and it's not very aerobic compared. If I have time doing both classes might be a good thing for me to do every so often. I've done the reverse of BodyPump and them RPM and that seemed harded but I hadn't done BodyPump before. The only downside is that I get home late and it takes me a while to unwind enough to sleep.

I was hoping to ride outside this weekend, but it's raining so that may not happen (along with Trek's agility class).

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