Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Auto-Generated Web Sites can be Very Surreal

I'm sure you've seen such sites. They're sites that are usually based on a typo in the domain name or a mistaken assumption about it. There is a series of photos on them in a template and the words in every link are search terms. In other words, it's not a site at all, and I'm really not sure what the point of them is as there usually is no advertising on it either, Maybe a hostile web site or something. I should check closer when I'm on a Mac or Linux system. Actually, it's probably just to "park" the site in hopes that they can extort some money out of the company it should belong to (Wanna buy our domain name? It's only ...").

Anyway these sites since they are pretty much just keyword based and generated on the fly as far as I can tell, lead to some really weird keyword juxtapositioning. (Blogger claims that juxtapositioning is not a word. Well I think it should be.) These sites are dressed up to look like business sites so you're really not expecting pornography embedded in the text amongst these folks all dressed up in business drag. (Or maybe you are and I'm just being naive.)

I needed to order some more Redbarn treats for my dogs, so I being lazy just typed in into my browser, and that back of my brain said "you know that sort of sounds like a porn site." Well it wasn't a porn site, but it sure had links to some (no pictures fortunately) If you'd like to take a peek it's pretty funny, but just remember you have been warned about the colorful language on it.

For the record, Redbarn Premium Pet Products is at: and you can just bet that that other site irks them no end.

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