Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Mike Malloy Drinking Game

Terri is in the habit of listening to Air America radio (and the like) on our local radio station which used to be called the Quake and now goes by "Green 960." So I tend to absorb a lot via osmosis (ok it's more than that :). anyway before they switched the schedule all around, Mike Malloy was on in the evening, and over time I semi-consciously noted his penchant for using particular colorful phrases. Then I started paying closer attention and have over time come up with a drinking game (since I no longer drink so this is how I amuse myself I guess.)

Anyway Malloy's show got moved to later in the evening and I didn't think too much about it again but I'm up late and he's on so I should write this down as it still is taking up room in my head.

The Mike Malloy Drinking Game

- A goodly amount of beer (perhaps Mexican to go well with Tequila)
- Either bottled or in mugs or steins
- A shot glass with Tequila in it
- More Tequila
- Friends who want to fry some brain cells
- A radio within range of Mike Malloy's show or a computer on the internet

Sit down at a table that is not valuable and tune into the Mike Malloy show.
(I don't know why this big space is here - page down)

If Mike says this:
Do this:
Rat Bastard
Drink 2x
Flithy Rat Bastard
Drink 3x
God Damn
Drink 2x
Bush Crime Family
This is a toast
Stand up, glass in the air
"To Da Family!" Drink
Oh God
Oh My God
"Oh. My. God."
Shot of Tequila
Slam glass down on table
Sigh heavy sigh
then drown your sorrow in drink

I could go on, but by this time you're on the floor.

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