Thursday, July 26, 2007

More spam humor: Anatrim: the earth-shaking (?)

I decided to take a look at the text of one of those "Obesity is dangerous. Stop it!" spams.

Oh it's good, even better than autogenerated nonsense poetry that some programs are so strangely good at. It even has the "attracting lose flesh" reference that's so, er, inspired. Bolding is mine as you might guess.
Profit by the opportunity! Anatrim The very up-to-date & most
attracting lose flesh product available

Can you count up all the situations when you told yourself you would do
any thing for being delivered from this terrible pounds of fat?
Fortunately, now no major offering is necessary. With Anatrim, the
earth-shaking, you can achieve healthier mode of life and become really
thinner. Just look at what our clients say to us!

I had always led a cool private life until last year my girlfriend
told me I was obese and in a great want of keeping eye on my health. ...

Click right here to scan invincible Anatrim bargain we are so proud to

One can only hope that this is machine translation (which I oh so dearly love) and not something someone actually wrote. The text of this email has survived for months which is amazing all in itself. Is there really truly no one around them that doesn't understand English well enough to see how strangely it's worded? I mean HTF does one even parse "attracting lose flesh product"?

However now that I look at it, machines don't usually confuse incredible and invincible unless it was spelled so poorly that the spell checker guessed wrong. In that light "attracting" may have been intended to be attractive. "Lose flesh" is still way loopy but probably was meant to be weight loss. But let's hear it for "attracting lose flesh" - that's priceless.


Jennie said...

"a diet product that makes you attractive" is all I can think. I still like "Two telephone calls and an air."

Ellen said...

I think I just got one from your spammer:

Subject: He dangles a hank of Spanish onions in one hand and holds with the other hand a telephone receiver nozzle to his ear.

Telephone receiver nozzle??!