Sunday, July 22, 2007

Temperature control

When I'm in bed and I feel too hot my natural inclination is to stick a leg out from under the covers. Unlike a lot of other folks this mostly just results in my still being too hot and I have a cold leg too. Conversations with other folks conclude that well it should work and you're just weird. Well ok.

I didn't think too much about it until a 60 minutes interview with the long distance cold water swimmer Lynne Cox ( (
and they said a researcher had a theory that she is able to tolerate extremely cold water as her body shifts more warmth to her core when the temperature drops. My mind immediately went back to being too hot in bed with a cold leg. If there's any truth to the shifting of body warmth, then I have my answer and maybe I'm not such a freak after all (or maybe I am).

After listening this I decided to try the next time I got too hot to tossing the cover off my core and that seemed to help better though still not perfect. Perfect is waking up enough to change covers.

[Aside] what is it with world class women athletes named Lyn/Lynn/Lynne? Lynn Hill is a famous world class rock climber ( I'm perpetually confused.

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