Monday, July 30, 2007

Harry Potter: A Wonderous Phenomenon

I've talked about this theme so often I forget that I haven't written it here.

Today I trotted down to my local bookstore (Books Inc.) and cheerfully paid full price (I think - I didn't check) for the new Harry Potter book. This is despite being offered it as a loan. The reason is that I so much want to support this endeavor.

Do you realize that kids are going crazy over a series of BOOKS! The Nintendo/Nickelodeon ADHD generation can't wait to get their hands on a book. How cool is that? As a bookworm, I must admit to being a little jealous, but honestly, they need this more than I or my bookish peers do and we take part anyway (and we don't have to harrass our parents to buy it.)

Now I need to find time to read this tome before someone gives away the details to me. Now that's one thing I'm really jealous of. Getting the time to read. I also regret having eyes that fatigue easier, but I will get absolutely no sympathy for that as I didn't need glasses till I turned 40 and was no longer able to compensate for an astigmatism in both eyes. The challenge for me now is to adapt. Accept that I can't focus as well and keep getting better glasses and stop fighting the issue. My father has demonstrated how pointless it is to fight reality and work with it instead. Too bad there's not a gym for your eyes, though my ophthalmologist seems to think that eye exercises don't seem to do a lot of good anyway.


Elf said...

I was talking over the "it's getting kids to read" phenom with a couple of friends the other day, and what they had heard (read)? is that kids who didn't read before HP are saying that it was a nice experience, but now that HP is done, there's no need to do any more of that reading stuff. I can't cite sources.


P.S. The word verification word that I need to type for this comment is "beefsncr". Hmm. Must be lunchtime.

Ellen said...

Well the book people are no doubt casting around for "the next Harry Potter" so I'm hoping that some kids are hooked.