Saturday, July 21, 2007

More FTP Poker

Now that "Yoshi" has some savings of play money, I feel more comfortable trying out various strategies. My usual style is to often fold, but it it's not gonna cost me over $50, I'll stay in long enough to see the flop (first 3 cards on the table) as once in a while you can get these fluke full houses and win with nearly nothing in your hand That works ok but only if I can really get used to folding good hands if there is a better one out there and they're betting like they have it (and you're pretty sure they're not blowing smoke)

I was playing at a Pot Limit table (no limit but you have to start with $1000 and you can't bet over what's in the pot already (in other words you can only double it which is usually just fine.) My generally decent hands usually lost out to better hands and I soon ran through the $1000.

Tail between legs I went back to my usual haunts of 5/10 no limit $300 Cap per round. Lost another $700 or so, switched tables and went back to folding often and bidding my time It paid off. Made over $2000 in one round. won some more and came out ahead for the evening.

It's tough having to be able to fold when you have over $100 in, but that means not losing another $200. No sense in making more of a donations than you need to.

It's all about patience and lots of it.

Yoshi got called a cockerel (mean rooster? I should look it up) - it was pretty funny.

Other people also have a tough time walking away from a hand they're invested in, so I've developed this style of starting the betting low and then incrementally increase it and then "all in" (or close) at the end. Many get sucked right into it (I know I have many times.) When it works it often pays huge rewards. It may take 200-300 of folding but it often pays off handsomely. Of course luck has a equal say in the matter. So being lucky helps.

One of the more clever sharks often seemed to take the first round up to 50 or so which makes the pot larger. That gets expensive though.

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