Wednesday, July 11, 2007

BiFriendly - 9 July 2007

Had a fun time at BiFriendly on Monday evening. It was just Richard, David and I (Terri was out of town), but we had a great conversation.

Topics included:
- David posting BF on Craigslist and it got pulled (?)
he also posted on Squidlist but we didn't see anyone from there.

- We talked in depth about the different communication styles that occur between two men vs. two women. It was pointed out to me that women like commuicated via talking whereas some men prefer doing. I was incredulous that 2 men could work on a project all day long and only exchange a few words related to the construction (and that that's ok). I said that when I'm working on something with another women (or man for that matter), the conversation just flows. It's like the work is the lubricant for the conversation serving to increase the bond.

Other topics were:
- how tough it is to be a FTM who's attracted to guys (queer FTMs often end up with each other)
- other publicity thoughts
- the challenges of printing a large hi res black and white image using color equipment
- various personal bi stories that I can't go into detail about as I don't have permission.

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