Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First Spin Class

I went to my first spin class yesterday. It was fun but I have a feeling the instructor was being kinder than is typical (Rick thought so when I told him about it). I definitely had a great workout and was definitely whooped, but for me, walking up a treadmill at full incline is more work. My criteria for that has become: when I sweat on my scalp - which is rare but consistently happens when I'm on a treadmill at either a run or a hike with full 15% incline.

The spin class approached that but didn't really hit it. Though my leg muscles were definitely tired and it's not like I felt I could do more

At a different time, I did spend about 1/2 an hour on one of the spin bike adjusting it and just getting used to it. I'm really glad I did that as there are at least four different ways to adjust it and I wouldn't have had time for all that during the class.

The pedals have clips on one side and cleats on the other and my cleats do fit it which makes the uphills so much nicer.

The work out featured lots of intervals, speed work, and hill climbing where you stand up in the pedals. There is a computer on the bike to keep track of you cadence and the instructor will often say what the target cadence is.

It's been about 20 hours and my arms are twitchy, which is making it hard to type.

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