Monday, October 02, 2006

Went running today at Bladium with much trepidation as my hip was sore this morning. Fortunately it was fine for the run though I did take it easier.

Ran 0.85 or so mile
ran another .35 mile
walked briskly/jogged on for another 0.66

Just under 2 miles of mostly jogging.
Speed 3.3-4.3 mph

4.0 mph is getting a little slow now at times.

When my hip is feeling better should go back to trying to run 1.75 miles continuously, then pause and run/walk for another 0.5.

My foot did start dragging after about a mile+ despite my concentrating on not dragging it but it may be getting better. Time will tell.

I spoke to Mark about other good exercises for the inner quads besides the machines or the exercises I was doing when training for Shasta, and he suggested skating and said that I could skate at Bladium if nothing else was going on in the ring. I asked about this at Bladium and it's true and different from what we thought you don't have to have indoor only wheels though if you have a brake (I do) then you have to put tape on it to keep it from marking the floor. I'll have to search around and see if there exists a non-marking brake.
I'm not the best of skaters at all so I'm pretty dependent on my brake,

The only thing is that it means skating with an audience, but I just should get used to that. I climb with an audience and that doesn't bother me. Wonder if I should get a hockey stick just to fit in, or just to have something in my hands as a Dumbo's magic feather of sorts (it might help some with balance - or maybe not.)

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