Friday, October 06, 2006

Went running at the gym.
It was hopping with lots of league play going on. (Fortunately the fitness area wasn't very crowded).

Warm up. Walked 0.25 mile at 3.0 mph
Ran 1.75 miles at 4.0 mph
My right foot started dragging at 1.5 but I struggled through the last 0.25

Took a break and worked on doing stationary foot raises.

After about 5 minutes or less my leg felt strong enough to jog some more so I was able to jog another 0.25 at 3.7 mph.

My leg is very, very tired now and may be sore tomorrow but hopefully it will rebuild to be stronger in a couple of days.

Hopefully I will be able to do some climbing this weekend.

Afterwards went down to the roller hockey rink to watch for a while. I am envious. They skate so well. I want to get better at skating but I want to find a place I can work on skills without feeling self conscious. I suppose a really slow time at the gym is one option. The parking lots around work during the weekend is another.

I'd love to learn how to stop without a brake, but I don't know of a safe way to learn. I guess the way to start is to leave the brake on but stop using it. Easy to say - much tougher to do.

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