Monday, October 16, 2006

Went climbing at Bladium yesterday. I swear that place is a giant playground.
Did the 5.8 route ("black pearl" taped black and green I think) that I've been struggling with by lifting up my right foot to a placement I knew I couldn't stand on right then, but it gave me just enough arm length to reach that large green/yellow left hand hold that had previously just been out of reach. Using mostly my arms (something you're not supposed to do much of but sometimes that's the only way to do it, I was able to lift myself high enough to get weight over my feet. Did this route twice.

Also did most of the black taped 5.9+ route that I've had a hard time with too. I was able to get all but the last two holds mostly because the rope was pulling me sideways. next time I'm going to use the rope to the left. It's tricky as that route is essentially inbetween two top ropes. Also did a sort of white/silver taped 5.10 route that was poorly taped so the middle part of it I was using most any hold. So it wasn't really a 5.10 route, though it did have a section that leaned back a little which was fun.

Going to run there today after work.

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