Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Running at the Gym
2 mile runs this week. Sticking to 4.0 mph for a while.
Ran 1 mile paused for just under 2 minutes
ran approx 0.5 mile
ran another 0.5 mile
walked 0.18 mile at 3.0 mph to try to cool down
but got bored and felt ok so ran for another 0.25 mile
2.43 miles total 2.25 of it running
Right hamstring is a little stronger though still weak. With work, it should continue to get stronger. I don't know whether pausing is better or not but if I feel I need to I should probably do it as I'll no doubt improve in either case. I do get the feeling that if I pause I can go longer.

I've been watching The Amazing Race and Sarah who runs Ironman's with a prosthetic leg is reminding me that I have it easy. I've watched her do two climbs in TAR which I would find challenging and not only do I climb, but I have 4 mostly working appendages.

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