Friday, October 20, 2006

Treadmill Run

Changing tactics. I'm here to learn to run so I really want to concentrate on running and not walking. I know how to walk, I know how to hike. I need to practice running. Though only running means that I go a shorter distance total; however, if I don't walk but just pause, then I can spend more time running.

If I start to get sore doing this then I'll go back to running/walking. For now, psychologically, I need to do this.

dist time mph ~HR
R 1.27 19:00 4.0 150
pause 5 min
R 0.76 11:25 4.0 155
pause 5 min
R 0.49 7:22 4.0 157
R 2.52 37:47

4.0 mph (15 min miles) is starting to feel a little slow which is encouraging. My foot started to drag the last .4 mile or so. My knee is a little sore, but likely will go away. I have gone back to taking Voltarin (an NSAID that I have no side effects from) so I've been almost entirely pain free and my hip has been giving me no trouble at all.

It's irksome that you only get a minute when you pause though you can hit enter and then immediately pause again. Since I'm writing the values down I should just hit stop and then I wouldn't feel pressured to start running again until I was really ready.

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