Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Squinting at Lawn Signs

The Alameda Education Foundation has started a campaign to support the school programs that are facing being axed. Things like music for grades 1-3 and athletics for high school and advanced placement programs. Very admirable goals and the campaign has a sense of novelty that I admire. The one problem is that the important part of the lawn signs (the contact information web address) is unreadable from further than 10 feet away, which makes them pretty pointless if you're driving by.

Here are a couple of examples:

The second one with the blue stripe is the most mysterious to me. What is the purpose of the blue stripe? It cries out to have the invisible url larger, in white, and on top of the blue stripe, and it's driving me a bit nuts as these signs are all over the neighborhood.

Problem is that while I totally support our schools and vote for every school related tax accessment, I'm leary of whining too much about this as I don't want to get roped in to redesigning the sign as I'm busy enough as it is. So here I whine, but I really hope they work on the presentation.

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