Saturday, April 05, 2008

I Hate When My Superstitions are Reinforced

"These things go in threes." I hate the foreboding that I get from that saying.

We've had three dog agility related people (all male) pass away recently. The last one Bill was a former Power Paws classmate of mine who just died yesterday of Bladder Cancer. When I heard about the second death I had already heard of Bill's diagnosis and the fact that he and his wife Nan had moved to Houston from Ottawa, Canada (where they had moved for an employment opportunity) for treatment. While Houston is an okish city as far as Texas goes the culture shock must have been appalling.

But I should stop making this about me. I loved having Bill and Nan (and their dogs) in class. Bill had this perfect staccato way of saying "Bert" (their first Border Collie). I wish I had a recording of it, but it is so embedded in my brain that I probably don't need one. He loved his dogs and he loved seeing them succeed and never yelled at them (in a bad way), even when Radar was doing his best imitation of that fictional slow race horse whose name I can't find now (and I've just wasted 10 minutes looking). Though Nan has a special way of saying Raaay-Dar.

I'm wondering how Nan is doing as I spent more time with her. I selfishly hope she'll move back here.

In start contrast to Kevin, Bill's death is not a shock or a surprise, but no less angering. He gave it his best shot. He should have won, dammit. The world is a less happy place because he's gone. Their web site is

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