Sunday, April 27, 2008

Muddy Buddy ride and run

Muddy Buddy: A bike ride, a run, an obstacle course, and a crawl through a mud pit.

Do I get to admit that this looks like an absurd amount of fun? And it's only 6 miles total - part of which will be on a bike. You actually could not train for it and be fine.

Check out the race video:

There's one coming up in San Jose on June 8th and entries are open till June 5th.

Unfortunately, that's right before my Shasta climb and I'm paranoid about getting hurt as I'm more than hell bent on climbing that mountain this time. I really do want to put someone up to this so I can watch. Wonder if a dog could go along? Maybe just not ride the bike though the dog could be carried through the obstacles (and would love the mud crawl). Given that would add to the sillyness the organizers would probably be all for it.

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