Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bad Web Design Still Lives!

It's gotten harder to find, but really bad web "design" is still with us.

I found this completely by accident:

This is amazing. This is not a case of ignorance of how to set up a page. You have to work to make it this bad. This person knows how to change the font and backgroud colors, insert photos, change the text justification, but they have no sense of TalkingTooMuch. In fact, no sense of text placement at all. There is a blizzard of text all over the page. And the text language is seriously off kilter. The miles long crap in the left column where you should only put basic outline headings. It's an easy bet that their in person communication skills are just as bad, but I'm not willing to check further.

And the content is a hoot. Saying they will shoot anyone caught trespassing and cutting their horses tails. So much for due process - who made you judge and jury? And I love the barn manager ad for 40-60 hours a week at sub-minimum wage ($5.00/hr - maybe that's normal for West Virginia.) And I love the near religious references to "Our Executor."

This isn't a web site - it's a side show.

This person is a West Virginian Republican. Surprised? Thought not. :)

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