Saturday, April 26, 2008

Praying for Lower Gas Prices - Oh please stop

Seriously. There's an article in the Chron today about how Rocky Twyman staged a pray-in at a Chevron station (!). He must be kidding, but he swears he's serious.

As if God gives a flying whatever about how many trading tokens it takes you to secure a gallon of dead dinosaur residue. Especially since according to this cnn Money article, we're still only playing about midrange in the scope of world gas prices (at least it's closer to normal than before when it was absurdly inexpensive.)

People invoke God in the oddest ways. I'm much more in the God sets up a system and then leaves it alone. I mean you gotta admit that particle physics and evolution are pretty cool tools (now that's intelligent design) in the scope of universe design. (If you care, I'm kind of a non-practicing Buddhist myself.)

A friend sent me an article that someone did a creationist museum that shows Adam and Eve's progeny in a world complete with docile (!) dinosaurs (ref1, ref2). Now that's funny, tempting to go see it, but it's way off in Kentucky.

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