Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Olympic Torch in SF - Worry

The Olympic Torch is here along with all the accompanying controversy. Mayor Newsom is taking what I think is the right tack of encouraging peaceful protest and for the most part I'm sure that's what will happen, but there is always some group that takes things further and gets violent in some way. Usually in a protest without a specific target that's [relatively] fine.

But this is different. There is a focal point and a vulnerable one at that - the torch and the torch bearer. This is going to make tomorrow more than a little exciting for those charged with protecting the torch bearer from harm. I'm hoping we'll have no violence, but historically that hasn't been the case there's always been some.

Of course, the Chinese Gov't doesn't give a hoot about what happens (I really dislike the Chinese Gov't and for good reason), but the rest of the world will be watching. I'm particularly impressed with the protesters who climbed the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge. Now that's bravery.

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