Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Data Backup Dilemma

I have my new Terrabyte disk and I'm thrilled but now I'm left with - how do I back it up? I guess I can take the approach that we use at work. We use multiple USB disks of the same size. This works great but I don't have those kind of resources.

I take a lot of photos and video. Video data storage is quite large, and I'm likely going to do more, not less.

What I envision is a digital library of easy to access photos and videos, and I want to have it all online but backed up as well. When I started to run out of disk space I copied all of my older electronic photos to CD and took them off the drive. This drives me nuts having to go grab the CD (though it's nice to see that the CD works fine.

This is a common topic and the British Museum is struggling with it:

But even us ordinary humans are trying to cope. This is an excellent article written in 2006, about Mark who is a videographer, and wants to keep his videos past the time he dies. It's interesting to read both his thoughts and the 100 comments as well.

Though I can't believe some people still like tape. I hate tape. I hate that it's slow. I hate that it's not reliable. I had to deal with it for over 10 years and I'm so happy that we've moved to disks.

Someone mentioned Blue Ray DVDs that hold 25 Gig (single layer) or 50 Gig (dual layer), and a 100 G in the works. That would be perfect.

More info:

And a Sony bright, shiny object

More speculation is here:

As usual, no mention of Mac compatibility, but it will happen.

Staying tuned. In the meantime, I'll keep my 300 Gig disk around to help with backups.

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