Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Ex-Homecoming Queen's Has a Gun

OMG I love Julie Brown and her novelty songs especially [Everybody Run] The Homecoming Queens Has a Gun. She's on The Stephanie Miller Show this morning and it turns out she's rerecorded the song to be about Sarah Palin: The Ex-Homecoming Queen's Has a Gun (The Girl-VP has a Gun).

It is a scream. Unfortunately I can't find Julie Brown on iTunes.


kinnari kreme said...

no no no! don't call the girl vp. she'll never be vp if we don't let her!

and she's so not a girl! she's a real flesh and blood woman who scares me more than phyllis schlafly and mrs. james dobson combined!

kinnari kreme said...

oops that should have said "don't call HER 'the girl vp.'"

Unknown said...

i heard the song too,,laughed my ass off,,,i cant wait for it to be released widespread...if you find it anyone...let us know asap