Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Advance Fee Scammer Reads an Autoreply

I've never seen such a thing before.

Bifriendly's (the bisexual social group that I run) email address was getting so much spam that I changed it and put an autoreply telling folks what the real address was (since spammers don't bother to read replies anyway.)

Well today the new address got its first email as a result of that auto-reply. It's from an Advance Fee Scammer. Ha!

But it gets better. The scam is about this wealthy xian convert who only has 4 months to live and wants to distribute her wealth to various religious groups and "she" located that email address from our website. Really? From a site dedicated to bisexuals and has no mention of any deity whatsoever? I think they did no such website visiting. But this person really did take the time to read an auto-reply and type in another email address and put [bifriendly] in the subject line as instructed. Wonder what they thought "bifriendly" meant?

I took the ill advised step of replying saying that I was amazed that an advance fee scammer bothered to read an auto-reply.

I need to send it on to (which I have done) Pity though - shame to shut such entertainment down, but these scammers can get dangerous and nasty in a hurry. I'll just have to blog about it instead. (No reply from the scammer yet.)

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