Monday, January 21, 2008

Will My Digital Magazines suddenly disappear one day?

I subscribe to a digital magazine where I have to read it online (Clean Run - a dog agility magazine). I love the ease of access and that I can quickly flip through it, but I'm feeling paranoid or more correctly wary that my access to those is going to one day up and disappear. Most of us have lived through the Dot Crash era so it is an entirely possible scenario. What if Nxtbooks goes out of business? What happens to all those subscriptions? I wish I could just download the thing as a pdf and maybe I can but I have yet to figure out how.

I love that I don't have to give up more bookshelf space but I hate that too. There's a certain security in holding a book. Oddly I don't have this problem with electronic copies of music or audio books but I own those and my computer doesn't have to check in with another company for authorization.

[on further checking]
There is a way to save it on your system (either Mac or PC) and it creates a stand alone browser. What I don't really understand is: It runs slower than the online system. I wonder what it's trying to do? I suppose I should take this as an opportunity to learn more about computer security since it's something that I'm supposed to know more that a little about. :)
I'll have to set up software to alert on attempts at outgoing connections as the slowness symptoms are indicative of a program trying to make an outgoing connection, failing, and giving up and doing the right thing eventually. This is not a unique phenonmena, Microsoft does this with Windows Update even though the computer is configured to use a firewall proxy, it still tries to make a direct internet connection first (Duh). So the simplistic way is to try the viewer on a PC (Mac should work too these days) and keep running "netstat" and see if any outside connection attempts show up.

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