Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Still Obsessing on Foraker

or more correctly finding out what happened to Sue Nott and Karen McNeil.

(Yes, I'm back at it. I wrote about it earlier here.)

I was looking at a route photo of the Infinite Spur route here: http://www.supertopo.com/rockclimbing/zoom.html?r=akfoinfi
and a voice kept saying in my head "They're up there."

Not only that, but the route that they took is very rocky (at times) and the places they could have holed up in a snow cave are less than they would be for other routes. Unfortunately that doesn't narrow it down much. The Forest Service thinks that it's up near the top and that looks like where most of the snow is.

I suppose one approach is to get in contact with the families and see if they would be interested in any attempt at finding them and see if McNeil and Nott left anything behind for them (not to bring their bodies down as that's a way hazardous, expensive endeavor).

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