Friday, January 04, 2008

When the weather is the sport

We're having quite the storm for the Bay Area area. Kron4's weather broadcasts are strongly resembling a sportscast. I don't know is this link is useful beyond today, but here it is:

Unsurprisingly, my Telemark Ski clinic was postponed as Tahoe is essentially a no go / no leave zone. Alpine Meadows is closed. Sugarbowl has one lift open - the beginner Nob Hill.

Glad I'm not on the road right now.


Rain has let up some and I just again checked one of the Sugarbowl cams as the sun sets.

If you're familiar with this view (see the larger version), you'll know that that rail you see just before the sign is at hip height.

I can see the Sugarbowl crew is going to have a lot of digging out to do. And the third storm hasn't hit yet.

We just talked to Terri's mom Treva who is in Redding. She had said earlier in email that her gutter downspout was laying in the yard after the windstorm. While we were talking I offered to come up and repair it. She said "Well it's actually not mine." Oh my. Watch out for flying downspouts. She's going to go around to her various neighbors to find out whose it is. Those are the sort of tasks that amuse me no end because of their inherit absurdity. Sling the thing over your shoulder and walk around saying: "Excuse me. Are you missing a downspout?"

Treva says "It's like a glass slipper." I like it.

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