Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm Getting a Mountain Bike

After discovering Craigslist and selling the recumbent and my electric guitar, I now have a nice chunk of change for a mountain bike. After some research and agonizing I've decided that I want a Fisher hardtail again. I have yet to ride them recently, but their reputation is that they are quick and also excellent climbers. Perfect.

What's funny is that the Hoo Koo E Koo has gone upscale and is just over $1000. The one I should be looking at is that Tassajara which is around $700. So I'm having Mike's bikes bring them both over to their Berkeley store so I can try them out. I'm leaning towards the Hoo Koo E Koo as I tend to hang onto bikes for a long time so the difference in prices, while significant, is not a big factor. Also I've decided to sell the Trek as well and just get a set of street wheels for the moutain boke. I can probably get around $200 for the Trek so I wouldn't be stretching much at all to get the Hoo Koo E Koo. Besides I like the name (tee hee), and the Hoo Koo E Koo is 2008 and the Tassajara is a 2007.

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