Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bill Clinton - I miss you

I usually don't blog about politics since there are plenty of beyond excellent blogs like the Daily Kos, Alternet's videos, and Rachel Maddow's video blog. But who can resist when Bill Clinton gives such a great interview to CNN that blasts the GOP about how disingenuous they are to attack Move On instead of doing something useful about the war.

My dream presidental ticket has been Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama for a while now if I can't have Dennis Kucinich or Barbara Boxer (who's not even running sadly). Hillary is looking pretty unbeatable now, and it occurs to me that voting for Hillary would get Bill too. I like that.

Friends and the gay press are critical of the Clintons for not being gay positive enough, but I'm beginning to think they are just political realists. Not that I like it, but if Hillary is brave enough to go on Ellen and talk about it, I'm really starting to think that if she thought it were politically possible she'd totally support same sex marriage. What makes me think this is that Hillary (and a lot of Dems) wants to get rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell, and that was a policy that was dreamed up as a compromise measure during Bill's presidency. Now that the idea of queers in the military is not such an earth shattering concept, they seem willing to dispense with that artificial construct. This leads me to think that once the nation became a little more used to the fact that we'd like be able to get married as well that the nation (and thus Hillary and congress) may well become more open to it.

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