Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall Down Go Boom

Sort of. Took my new bike out for a ride and while I was getting ready a little voice (who is usually very wise and it's very risky to ignore it) suggested I wear tights instead of just my bike shorts. Glad I did.

I was riding in Redwood part up Dunn/Graham Trail where in a steep section, I fell over at 1mph and pitched headfirst into a lurking ditch - bike cleats a factor - proximal ditches too.) What was weird is that I had just seen CSI two days before and found myself similarly stuck under something (in my case a bike) having trouble getting out (though I did so eventually). I was glad for the tights as part of what I crashed on had thorns (berry I believe.)

I'm fine except for a cut under my chin that bled and bled all over my white shirt. Fortunately there was someone there to help me put something on the cut. So I was left pondering having to walk into the house with a shirt that looks like there's 1/2 a unit of blood on it on it. I had a towel in the truck so I put that over the bloody part and walked in and the first thing I said to Terri is "First of all I'm fine." She said "Well you look ok." Then I pulled the towel off the shirt. Her jaw dropped while mouthing OMG! To her credit she didn't panic. Oh and the bike is fine and I'm really glad that it's light. :) And it didn't even get a scratch (unlike me).

I was also wearing my heart rate monitor and I've discovered that pushing one's bike uphill is fabulous aerobic exercise and there's no shame in it.

Though I really should replace that helmet now.

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