Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Wanna be a Gamer When I Grow Up

My interest in computer games pretty much begins and ends at Myst. Basically beautiful, immersing, puzzle based worlds. First person shooters have nearly no appeal to me. So the release of Halo 3 the new Xbox game makes me notice/envy(?) that attention it gets, but doesn't compel me to run out and get an Xbox.

Well one day my brain combined that with the fact that Seniors (retirement type, not the high school type) usually need all the practice they can get with improving and maintaining their reaction time.

So why not have seniors play video games? They sure play poker and also bridge, even nearly contact bridge if you will, why not? Especially since meds for arthritis are improving. So I can see games like Halo in my future and I must admit it sounds fun.

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