Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sat Mar 3
Went skiing at Sugarbowl though this time I was using Telemark skis. I should have put skins on them to slow them down as those skis were way slick

Telemark feels more natural to me and even though I'll be struggling with it for quite a while I can see it in my future. But I got tired of downhill skiers whizzing by me as a I struggled so I think for this season I'm going to focus on downhill.

I did learn that you can pretty much ski normally with them. You can snowplow and do parallel turns. It's probably a little harder with out your heel locked down but I'm sure I could get used to it. And getting up after a fall is oh so much more easy.

So my goals are for the rest of the season to downhill ski and try to become a fairly smooth intermediate skiier. Once the resorts close if I want to ski should rent Randonee. Next season I will want to consider learning Telemark. This means that I'm not going to be buying Randonee which is something of a financial relief.

I think on Shasta I'm going to snowshoe though I may still change my mind on that. Others will be snowshoeing too.

AAI just waved their new class list under my nose. They have an Alpinism II which looks way tempting but it's 1100.0 plus airfare. Sigh.

I just bought a used pair of downhill skis for a song ($36). Too bad it's going to cost more than that to send them and the seller still hasn't gotten around to sending them so they are probably not going to get here in time for this weekend (sigh). I'm also high bidder on a pair of Dalbello ski boots but I'm sort of regretting it as i want to be able to try them on first. Oh well they're only 21.00 right now but maybe someone will outbid me.

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