Monday, January 08, 2007

Last night on a whim I made scones as a test case for book club on Tues. Wow those are decadent and yummy. I need to figure out how to make time to make them before the meeting. Ii think I can make them ahead Monday before we leave for BiFriendly and wrap them in plastic and bake them at Donna's who's hosting. The recipe makes 8, but I think I can just cut them differently to make more as doubling it would make a lot of scones.

Fri Jan 5
Trying to get back to the gym after being sick and doing dog "Trek."

Ran .8 mile with pauses at .5 and one or two after that
Then set the incline to 10 and walked almost another mile
(total 1.7 miles, time 30 minutes)

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