Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Kelly Moore Paints Shutdown - Nooooo

The painting giant Kelly-Moore Paints has just suddenly shut down all of it's stores nationwide.

My first clue was I went to their Alameda store trying to buy paint for our new bathroom and found a fully stocked store completely shut with no sign of life. I went by the Oakland store on International and that was also closed up tight.

Suspecting something bad and not wanting to squint at a phone or travel further, I went home and googled it on my computer desktop. Holy primer batman. They closed everything.

Massive loses from continuing asbestos litigation from the 1980s. Apparently they used asbestos in some of their products then.

This is really distressing as my entire house is Kelly Moore through two painters. I even got to use my painter's discount there. I know the names of all of the colors and fortunately still have a bunch left in the garage.

I had even picked out colors yesterday for our new powder room on their still functioning web site which is weird.




RIP for Colonial Grey, Mythology (a maroon), Mallard Green

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