Thursday, March 10, 2011

Should I Write a Book?

So I'm toying (and that's the right word at this point) with the idea of writing a book, and I can't decide whether it's worth the effort or not.  I love writing, but I'm much more the short attention span chronicler blogger type.  Every so often someone will encourage me to or I realize that I have enough material to warrant a book but then I feel the mental panic brake being stomped on.

For one, it's a huge undertaking and takes massive commitment
But more importantly, you really have to believe that what you are doing is different from what's already out there, and most importantly you have to believe in yourself.    The cool thing about blogging is you just do it.  You don't have to agonize about it.  I had to be told that I could write decently.  I had to be told that I can write humorously.  (Really?   Right now I can see that I can write boringly.)

 I guess it all goes back to trying not to give "I can't" too much power.  I hate being so fear driven.

With respect to writing that takes a log more confidence than dashing off the overly-self-indulgent blog post.  (Which I must say I am so very grateful to have such an outlet - it keeps me and those around me sane.)

Oh and another thing is that you kind of have to be a bit secretive until your book is published.  I know someone who disappeared of the face of the internet to write another book after publishing one very successful one.  We haven't heard from her since and I'm getting concerned.  It that's what it takes then maybe I don't want to do this.

Oh! and ANOTHER thing.  Writing the book I'm thinking of means going over a lot of past effort and agony and I find that I am not really inclined to look back just yet.

The cool thing about a book is that it's a great way to clone yourself.  You can only give one presentation/seminar at a time.  Granted to multiple people if that's your style, but it still limits you some.

I'm thinking maybe I should just continue to put my thoughts on the internet.  I don't do this for a living and it appears the more you give the more you get back anyway (up to a point - people do expect a lot for free these days, but that's mostly from large corporations who are perceived to be wealthy anyway).

I could do a sort of value added thing that several small companies do.  They have a large program that is free, but if you want help with it you pay them for support.  I could put the basics on the internet and if someone wanted further help then I charge for it.

Of course then there's the Google model which is to give over 90% away and charge a fortune for the other 10%, but I don't quite see that happening for some reason. :)

Anyway I'll just continue to dither.  Never mind me.

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