Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Churchill Downs Reality Check

There is going to be a National Dog Agility event in Louisville and some folks who are going are really interested in seeing Churchill Downs. I had to warn them about how disappointed I was when I finally got to see it many years ago. Churchill Downs is in the middle of Louisville, just like Santa Anita is right in the middle of Los Angeles. When I was there I had just seen Lexington and was so impressed by its beauty. I had this wonderous romatic visions of Churchill Downs when we arrived in Louisville. Wow what a let down.

This is what I was picturing (this is a track somewhere in Lexington.)

This shows what the area really looks like - I was so bummed:
Here is a link where you can view it yourself,+Louisville,+KY&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=50.424342,76.640625&ie=UTF8&hq=Churchill+Downs&hnear=Churchill+Downs,+Louisville,+Jefferson,+Kentucky+40214&ll=38.202408,-85.770521&spn=0.024652,0.037422&t=h&z=15


Elf said...

Sort of like seeing a pulled-back aerial photo of old faithful or stonehenge.

Ellen said...

I've been to Stonehenge and it's still pretty pastoral there even though it's not far from town, though yes if you want remote you have to travel to the Callanish Stones way the heck out in the Outer Hebriedes of Scotland.

Churchill Downs has no buffer around it at all. It is in town.