Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Pushing a Bike Uphill is Great Exercise

I've discovered that if you're willing to push your mountain bike up hills that you can't ride up, you get great upper body (more like full body) exercise. Suddenly you have an excellent crosstraining solution. Certainly no shame in that. And the best part is you get to ride the bike down. Wheee! Especially on Mt. Diablo's fireroads that appear to be covered with a fine ball bearing gravel which I've slipped on more that once and have since bought cleats for this is very much a feature.

If you are willing to mix the two (walking and riding) you will find yourself going places that you couldn't of before. Just remember to bring plenty of food and water as you can go further than you would of anticipated.


Unknown said...

THE most horrific mountain bike ride in my memory was the year I decided to amuse myself in Salt Lake City before Rich's June rally. I picked the Lake Bonneville Shoreline trail from City Creek Canyon to University of Utah ( I had been riding 2-3 times/week and thought I was in shape. Didn't anticipate the effect of the altitude and the heat. To this day, I remember that ride as the day I hiked with my bike. Couldn't ride the uphills, and was too tired to do anything more than survive the downhills.

Ellen said...

Starting altitude is 5200'. Yeah I could see how that might be a serious challenge if you live at sea level.