Monday, March 01, 2010

Getting off the Value Pak junk mail list

In my continuing quest to get off of junk mail lists.

Valpak puts the removal instructions in the smallest type possible on their envelope.
but the number they post 1-800-676-6878
actually encourages you to use their website.

Both methods are a complete pain, but seem to work.

Entering the numbers listed after the phone number will get you to the removal part of the phone tree:
1-800-676-6878, #, 2, 2, 1
Then leave your address and spell out anything even slightly odd.

The website was a tough one too, but I finally found it:

You can give them your email address which they swear is just for confirmation only, but I declined to.

Removal is for only 2 years which is annoying as I was removed and just the time I got off the other one this one started up again.

Though given that you used to have to mail then the label for them to remove you this is miles easier which is probably why they make it hard to find.

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