Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blogger Giving Me Grief

For years blogger has allowed you to keep your blog on your own web site via FTP. If you have your own site that makes sense. Now because of support issues (apparently we suck up too many resources - FTP is going away and I have to either give them a part of my url that will redirect to them or just have a blogspot url. Neither is probably horrible but i'm pouting as I like having everything stored on my own web site since I do pay for the stupid thing after all.

I've just learned that Word Press is available on my own site so I've installed it and of course i'm completely lost. I also don't know how to import years of other blogging to it. I have all of April to decide but I do need to start getting a little more serious about it.

I hate it when I'm given this great thing and then I get used to it and then it gets taken away. :(

So I see that Word Press has an import option. Cool. Except for one leetle thing.
They won't work on the older style FTP blogs. I have to upgrade the blog to the new style and then I can import it. Gee thanks for saving me all that work. Hmphf.

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Elf said...

In theory Blogger now has a tool that will allow you to export to a format that word press will use. I haven't looked more at that kind of info, though.