Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Berkeley Brick and Mortar Adventure

I don't get out to stores enough particularly ones where parking is a challenge like Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley a place I used to go to a lot. Fortunately UC Berkeley has opened up the Channing parking lot to the public for a $1 and hour which is more than reasonable. It's funny, it you give me parking then I will come as it's not like you see me not going to REI, and Mike's Bike's now has parking which helps a ton - though I mostly stay away from Mike's Bikes in financial self defense.

My mission was to go to Amoeba "Records" on Telegraph to order Philip Glass's ("'s" rule is here) opera Satyagraha (sa-TEE-a-gra-ha - and yes I had to ask someone how to say it). I'm not an opera fan, but I love Philip Glass's operas - especially that one. It's just been rereleased and the price has plummeted. The person helping me (whose name I have narrowed down to three possibilities and am afraid of committing the wrong one to memory - though I'm leaning towards Zachary) explained that the contract has expired and now it's just profit for the record company which explains why the price dropped from $50 to $18. The price of this particular Opera has gone completely all over the place since it went out of print. I have a whole separate entry called "That LP You're About to Replace? Check on It First" on the ridiculous prices I have found on Amazon Marketplace. But back to Amoeba... I asked about a different Glass opera called Einstein on the Beach but that's still in the earlier really expensive category. (Though I do think it's out of print so that may change in not too long of a time - I told them to keep an eye out for a used copy for me.) It's funny, I have been carrying around a $20 credit for Amoeba for the longest time and I just can't believe that I might have credit left over (that won't happen as I don't want another piece of paper to carry around for over a decade, but I do have some CDs I could sell them and then get more store credit - aaaaah!)

Order placing mission accomplished I then went across Telegraph to spend lots of money at Moe's books (
I'm really glad I finally got my butt out to that part of Telegraph as it's so good to see Moes. It's sad to see Cody's books all closed up. I asked Moe's how business was with them gone and the clerk said that it was ok since they have a difference clientele, but that they missed having Cody's around.

Telegraph is much the same in a way. Still has that dilapidated feel to it, but that's always been the case (maybe a touch more without Cody's). I am resolved to show up more. It's fun to actually go into stores these days. They seem very happy to see me.

The basement of Moe's is like having my own personal book buyer. I'm spoiled as I have the locally owned Books Inc in Alameda, but it's Moe's and Cody that really have the special place in my heart. I can walk into Moe's and always find something cool to read. From Moe's I got the new David Byrne book Bicycle Diaries (no link - go buy it a Moe's), Mort an older book by Terry Pratchett that I need to reread, and for Terri: Stephen Colbert's I am America and So can You. She's thrilled at the surprise.

I really also need to get over to 4th Street in Berkeley also but I don't have quite the same romantic attachment there except for Bette's Diner (bliss.) Oh and Builder's Booksource and the Pasta Shop and I hear that Title Nine is moving there (risky move hope that works for them.


Elf said...

You've been a busy blogger lately!

OK, out of this whole post, of course what I latched onto is the possessive thing. Try here: "Words ending with s, z or x generally omit the "s.""

This is one of the things I really enjoy about style: There is actually a huge list with entries under Columns A and B and you can make your own style guide by choosing from column A or B depending on what makes sense to YOU, *and* you can find good resources to back you up either way. Chicago Manual of Style has this to say about "s" possessives: "... feelings on these matters sometimes run high..."

Ellen said...

I was taught the single apostrophe
(Glass' Seuss')

The fact that I could find any justification for ss's was just too good to pass up, and that's the way we say it anyway.

Did you ever do USENET newsgroups?
was/is very active I'm told as other grammar groups.

I still haven't read Eat, Shoots, and Leaves probably because I discriminate horribly against commas. My first reread is all about affirmative action for commas where I add them back in.

Ellen said...

Been blogging in fits and starts. The dogs diary is languishing a little and I need to update it today sometime.

Elf said...

I don't much do usenet groups any more unless they come up in a google search. Remember the day when THAT was the source of all knowledge?

The ss's is cool. Yesterday in a doc I was editing I encountered in in in:
"plug-in in InDesign". Just weird to even try saying it.