Monday, November 30, 2009

Klamath Falls - Not Exactly (Part I)

My accidental Klamath Falls adventure. This occurred by driving to the back side of Mt. Shasta and neglecting to turn the car around. I'm from Southern Calif and grew up taking part in impromtu driving tours so this behavior is quite natural for me.

I WAS going to do my usual Black Friday Snowshoeing on Mt. Shasta, but the weather was so-so.

and I've done that trip a lot so I decided to stay in the car and go check out what the North Side of Mt Shasta looked like.

Well as you might guess, it looked a lot like this.

But looking the other direction on Hwy 97 looked downright inviting. Compare the view over the hill with the view in the mirror. So I continued on as I was curious about the roads that lead to the trail heads even though I knew they weren't passable and you could totally tell that me and my non-4WD were not going on them. So I just kept driving thinking that I'll turn around at any second.

So then I find myself coming into the tiny CA-OR border town of Dorris.

Dorris' whole purpose appears to be about getting in your way. It's like they used the border crossing (see photo) as a theme (see map). Zig. Zag. Zig. Zag. And don't you really want to stop at one of our fine dining establishments?

So after some zigging and zagging I find myself in Oregon and I see that Klamath Falls is just ahead even though I feel like I'm walking as the Oregonian speed limits for highways that aren't interstates is the glacial 55 mph. I've never seen Klamath Falls so I decide to check it out. Might be pretty, and I love water falls. Hold that thought for part II.


Elf said...

Klamath Falls is where Crystalwood Lodge is located (on the west side of the lake). Very dog-friendly B&B owned by former Bay Teamers--the lady who did the Iditarod a year or two ago.

Zucchini Breath said...

I can't wait to see part II! I've been living in Klamath Falls for a year but way out in the woods. There is a deer looking at me right now.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...
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Elf said...

Wow, I wonder what triggered all that spam all of a sudden?!

Ellen said...

Don't know. The only dog that was mentioned is in the title of the blog so I don't know why the bot picked this post.