Thursday, August 20, 2009

Demos need to Control the Healthcare Message Better

(Dragged back into political blogging as there's something I'm not hearing much yet.)

One thing the more out there Republicans are really good at doing is boomeranging political conversations into complete side shows.

The healthcare "debates" being the latest shining example.

Obama presents his heathcase proposal and is called Hitler. The last thing Demos should do is respond in any variation of "He is not." Stay focused on your message.

What I'm not hearing much and what I'd like to hear more of is Demos being more confrontational.

If someone with insurance opposes the public option then they should be directly asked

Why do you think the uninsured don't deserve insurance?

I think they owe us all an explanation and shouldn't be allowed to hide behind rhetoric.
I think they should be properly called Heartless and Despicable as I'm pretty sure they haven't thought it through.

Why is this such an issue? How have insurance companies gotten people to fight for them???
We have more than 5 working models of other countries insurance systems (Canada, France, Sweden, England, and, yes, the very non-Hilteresque Germany - my source is NPR On Health).

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