Friday, October 24, 2008

The local UCC church fights back

In the "you started it" tradition, the local UCC church First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ (which is very open and embracing of diversity) has put up a huge No-On-8 banner and is helping its members order No-On-8 signs. I was tipped off about this as the signs started to crop up in my neighborhood and I asked about it. I was just driving by on Central to go to work which is a slightly different route than I usually take and saw the banner so went back when I had a camera.

Oh an I spoke to another member and she tells me that the two guys that put up the banner: are heterosexual.

I normally think that churches should not be involved in politics, but given that the Mormon and Catholic Churches are pretty much trying to buy yes-on-8, this seems more than appropriate. Kudos from a non-Christian.


Anonymous said...

I think that church should lose its non-profit status, and I'm against Prop 8. Churches should NOT be telling their members how to vote. It's illegal to do so and claim tax-exempt status.

Ellen said...

They checked. They can not support a candidate, they can take up any position they like on Props.

Jennie said...

...and trust me, mine is not a church that tells any of its members how to vote.

Neither is the denomination. There are UCC churches that have not declared themselves Open and Affirming (completely accepting of queer folk). They are not tossed out.

revlaura said...

Yes, it is true as Ellen and Jennie say. As long as we are not promoting a candidate we are free to give voice to our position on propositions. In the spirit of Jesus who loved all people equally, we feel it is crucial to express our faith by defending the rights of those treated unfairly and unjustly and to work for equality and justice for all people. We are thankful, Ellen that you noticed the sign! Rev. Laura, pastor